A local woman is working to provide a proper burial for an infant dead at a Waste Management facility on the city’s east side.

The baby boy believed to be anywhere from one to 10 days old was found by an employee at the facility sorting out items on a conveyor belt.

According to police, the infant was inside a duffel bag.

“I don’t know the circumstances surrounding, why this parent did this why all of this happened but I do know this child for the brief life that it had deserves to have a proper burial,” said Pamela Allen.

Allen is a co-executive of Eagles Flight Corporation an organization dedicated to educating and empowering special needs families. Allen hopes to partner up with other local organizations to raise money.

“This baby's life needs to mean something to someone and I’m sure I’m not the only mom the only woman here in san Antonio that feels that way,” said Allen.

Allen says a proper burial will cost anywhere from six to ten thousand dollars. The medical examiner’s office cant release the baby’s body until investigators have completed their investigation.

“Medical examiners have taken custody of this child’s body so at this point were waiting to hear back from the medical examiner to find out what the time period is because we are just waiting,” Allen said.

According to police, the infant's parents have not been identified.

Investigators said if the medical examiner’s office determines the baby was not still born the investigation could become a capital murder case.