Fourteen people were sent to area hospitals when an escalator at the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center malfunctioned Wednesday afternoon.

The escalator came a to a sudden stop, tossing people down the metal stairs.

Around 1 p.m., several people were going down an escalator in Hall D, where a lunch meeting was being held for Dish Network employees.

One of the escalators shut off unexpectedly and sent several people tumbling down the stairs.

Out of 20 injured people, a total of 14 people were transported to area hospitals to be treated for their injuries. Several other people were treated at the scene and released.

A very similar incident happened about last August.

Several people were injured when another escalator came to an abrupt stop, causing the people to fall down.

At least seven people ended up in the hospital that time.

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation said their records show the convention center has been in compliance with all escalator inspections and that they've been inspected annually as required.

It is not clear if Wednesday's incident took place on the same escalator as August's.

According to a city spokesperson, Kone, the HBGCC elevator/escalator maintenance contractor, was on site during the incident, as is normal procedure during large conventions.

Kone is currently evaluating and inspecting the affected escalator.

There has been no word on what caused it to stop.