In dramatic fashion, Season 9 of "The Bachelorette" came to an end Monday night. All of "Bachelor" Nation waited on edge to find out who Desiree Hartsock would pick as her Prince Charming.

Last week during part one of the finale, Desiree's heart was broken as Brooks told her he was not in love with her. His departure left a dark cloud over her.

She was inconsolable and admitted she just wanted to go home. Much of "Bachelor Nation", myself included, was left wondering if she would be able to give her heart to one of the other men.

During part two of the finale, the tears continued as she desperately tried to figure out how she would go on without Brooks.

Her hopelessness was overwhelming as she sat down with host Chris Harrison. She told him she wanted to go home. I couldn't help but feel bad for Chris and Drew who had no idea this was unfolding.

During a tearful rose ceremony, Desiree explained the situation with Brooks to the two remaining men. Despite the news, they each accepted the rose.

I was filled with mixed emotions. If I had been in their positions, I don't know if I could get past the fact that I was the second and third choice.

After much reflection, Desiree decided she still wanted to try to find love. Drew and Chris each had one more date to win her heart.

Drew and Desiree took off on what should have been a romantic horseback ride to the beach, but it was clear something was not right.

She did not seem carefree and lighthearted. Desiree pulled Drew aside and shared her feelings. Blindsided by the revelations, he could not have been more of a gentleman in his response. Through her tears he tried to console her.

My heart dropped for Drew. I thought he handled the situation with such class. He was completely ready to propose and start a new life with Desiree.

Feelings of confusion and uncertainty filled his exit interview. I wanted to give him a hug when he revealed he was going to re-evaluate his life without her. I only hope he can find true love in the future.

With no other men remaining, enter Chris. The pair spent the day in the waters of Antingua on a catamaran. As much as he bores me, I was happy to see Desiree smile again. 

Chris put her at ease as they reconnected. Their chemistry is undeniable and I must admit he has never waivered in his feelings for her.

Then it was time to meet Desiree's family. Her concern going into the time together was not so much her parents but her brother Nate.

As seen during Sean's season of "The Bachelor," he has a history of being tough and getting under people's skin. Regardless, Chris was cool under pressure as he was peppered with questions.

It was clear Chris was nervous as he spoke with Desiree's dad. He even asked for her dad's blessing to propose. He said yes. Nate was the only stamp of approval she still needed. He was eager to question her about the situation. In the end, he offered his support if she decided to pick him.

Chris was full of confidence as he picked out the engagement ring. He never doubted his connection with Desiree and I think that is what carried their relationship so far.

Despite his assurance, he was full of emotion as he walked up to meet her.

After a heartfelt speech, Chris started to drop to one knee when Desiree abruptly stopped him. In that moment, she spilled the roller coaster of emotions and the love she had for Brooks. Surprisingly that didn't keep Chris from proposing. And drum roll please….she said yes!

I was definitely shocked and a bit puzzled by the decision, but as I watched the montage of their key moments I couldn't help but smile.

At the end of the day, every girl hopes they will find someone who will sweep them off their feet. I can only hope that between their chemistry and compatibility their relationship will last.

The next "Bachelor" was announced during the "After the Final Rose" finale special. Juan Pablo will be the next man searching for love in January 2014. You know this "Bachelorette" junkie will be watching.