AUSTIN, Texas -

Every weeknight comedian and late night host Jimmy Kimmel tickles your funny bone after the "Nightbeat" on KSAT 12. Now you have chance to see his show live in Texas.

Kimmel announced Thursday he's bringing the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" show to Austin in March during the South by Southwest festival.

"There are a lot of professional reasons we're bringing the show to Austin, but the truth is we're just coming to have fun," Kimmel said. "I've had a lot of good times here, in fact I wish I could just come and not have to work, that would be the ideal scenario for me."

Kimmel is no stranger to the Lone Star State, and since everything's bigger in Texas, you can expect a big Texas themed show.

"We'll show a lot of the local spots, the sights, UT and that kind of stuff but I'm really looking forward to it," Kimmel said.

While he's been to other cities in Texas, Kimmel has never made it to San Antonio. But his best friend and band leader Cleto Escobedo III has plenty of family ties in the Alamo City.

"They're from San Antonio, their whole family, in fact, I'm sure they're watching this right now," Kimmel said. "Cleto's 90-year-old mother watches the show every night from San Antonio and I'm sure I'll get there eventually, I just haven't yet."

Kimmel hasn't booked any guests for the Austin shows yet but he was clear on one thing, Matt Damon is not invited.

The actor returned to Kimmel's show this week for the first time since hijacking the show in January 2013, and Kimmel said he still hasn't made up with his nemesis.

For several years Kimmel has had a running gag that he had to bump Damon from the show due to time constraints and the bit has turned into long-lasting feud.

On Thursday, Damon returned to the show to promote the movie "The Monuments Men" with his fellow cast members, but Kimmel kept the gag going by refusing to ask Damon any questions.

"Man, I don't know if we'll ever make up, it's more fun not to make up," Kimmel said. "I won't give too much away but let's just say it goes badly for him."

You can see Jimmy Kimmel and all of his characters on the show that you love like Cousin Sal, Guillermo, and Aunt Chippy, at the Long Performing Arts Center for five nights starting on March 10.

Tickets are available for free at

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