The four-member Johnson High School JROTC air rifle squad is heading to Alabama to compete in the Junior Olympics.

“You have to put in a lot (of practice) in order to be good at it," said Max Pawloski, a member of the shooting team.

It is not an easy sport to master.

“It is one of the most complicated sports in existence, " said Duncan Pawloski, last year’s team captain. “Everything about your body has to be exactly in place exactly at the same time."

“You’ve got to be calm (and) focused," said Max Pawloski, this year’s team captain. "You’ve got to be smart (and) determined."\

The shooters compete in three positions: standing, kneeling and the prone position. 

They get 10 shots at all three positions and each shot is worth 10 points. 

The top point-getters will make it to the finals and shot only standing up. They will also be timed. They get 45 seconds to line up each shot.

“Mentally, it's pretty tough," Duncan Pawloski said. "There is a lot of pressure."

They have something to live up to.

Earlier this year, the members of the Leadership Squad brought home the National Leadership Bowl Championship.

“It was like smelling the roses on top of a mountain," said Bryan Duke, the team captain.

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