Cell phone video captured a Judson Independent School District school bus pulled too far into a railroad crossing on Sept. 6 as a moving train passed by.

In the video recorded from inside another car at the intersection, the crossing arm can be seen resting on top of the bus.

Video from inside the bus shows elementary school children screaming when the crossing arm lands on the roof of the bus.

Judson ISD spokesman Steve Linscomb says the driver followed the proper procedures of opening the bus door at the crossing and stopping behind the stripe on the pavement.

But his view was obstructed.

"Apparently, there was some limited visibility there because of some stacked construction material," Linscomb said. "He felt like he couldn't see far enough down the tracks, so he moved up a little bit further but by that time traffic behind him started to move up as well, so he felt like he couldn't go anywhere."

Judson ISD personnel took pictures of the construction pile near the tracks after someone who witnessed the incident alerted the district's transportation department (seen below.)

As of Tuesday, Linscomb says the pile remains at the intersection and Judson ISD is trying to get it moved.

Meanwhile, the district is reviewing policies with its bus drivers.

The driver in the video was suspended 90 days without pay.

Linscomb says the driver has worked in Judson ISD for one year and has no history of misconduct.

"Obviously, in the end, no one was hurt, but that does not excuse that kind of behavior," Linscomb said. "There was still a decent amount of space, but he got a lot closer than we're comfortable with or the state is comfortable with."

Judson is telling all bus drivers to take extra precautions at that intersection as the district looks at alternative routes.

Raw Video: Close call for Judson bus

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