After the Columbine shooting and other violence on school campuses across the country, many districts have beefed up their school security.

Judson ISD has made the same move and now they are taking another proactive step by forming the first school district Emergency Response Team in Bexar County.

"If we have a situation life threatening where we are going to have an active shooter on campus or somebody is holding a knife to somebody's throat," said Judson ISD Police Chief Teresa Ramon. "We never had those incidents, but we just want to be prepared, just in case an incident ever takes place."

The team consists of four certified Special Weapons and Tactical officers, who are already part of the Judson Police Department and are familiar with the district and the surrounding area.

The program has been in the works for about three years and as of today the SWAT officers are trained and ready to respond to any emergency situation at any of the district's schools.

Ramon said the department already works closely with several other departments and if an emergency were to happen at one of the schools, help would get there quickly. However, she said they are hoping for an even quicker response time by having their own SWAT officers on their campuses.

"We can have any agency from any area come in because we coincide with eight and it may take a few minutes," said Ramon. "They're going to be responding, but seconds count ... So, we want to make sure because once that call comes out that we have an active shooter or a life threatening situation, we want our Emergency Response Team to go in without having to wait."

Now that four of the 21 officers at the Judson Police Department are SWAT certified, Alfred Thompson, who has a grandson at one of the elementary schools, said he's happy about the extra security.

"I think it's a very good idea," said Thompson. "I think we need it in San Antonio. They got it everywhere else. God forbid anything like Columbine would happen here, but you never know."