Kerrville police have issued a warning for residents regarding a text message that is believed to be a scam.

According to Kerrville PD, a text message was sent on Aug. 15 from an 830-483-1308 phone number “Generation Alert” asking customers to activate an account
that has a problem and or “Your credit card with #### has been cancelled or deactivated, please call 210-901-3985 to activate”.

The text was sent to numerous citizens throughout the community. Kerrville police are advising residents not to respond or call.

They believe the scam, also known as a Phishing Scam, is sent out by scam artists to get personal information.

After providing both the debit, credit card and pin number, victim’s accounts are depleted of undisclosed amounts of money, a Kerrville police press release stated.

Kerrville police ask anyone who has become a victim of the scam to report the incident at 830-257-8181.