After riding for 22 hours, La Grande International trail riders were almost to the San Antonio Rodeo Thursday night.

They camped out at 410 near W.W. White Road because of the cold weather.

“It was too hard because it was too cold. I'm a little kid and my foot hurt because it's too cold, because I didn't wear any thermals," said Nickolas Martinez, a young trail rider.

Assistant trail boss Luis Martinez said the cold weather forces riders to not only dress warmer, but make sure the horses are prepared as well.

"Covered blankets on them, extra padding on them, make sure you don't work them too much, keep it slow so it's not too much work for the horse, so you know you can make it through the whole day with them," said Martinez.

Each year the La Grande International trail riders leave the comforts of their home and ride from Mexico to San Antonio's rodeo.

Trail riding is definitely a family affair- kids and dogs are included.

Trail rider Juan Estrada says over the weekend they had about 200 trail riders with them. He hopes the children on the ride will fall in love with the experience like the adults did.

"The trail ride, it's a love of animals, the love of the outdoors and we want it to continue to be a tradition," said Estrada.

A tradition that will hopefully continue for generations to come, with or without the cold weather.

"We're doing it because we like it, and we're still trying to do it and see what's going to happen tomorrow morning," said Martinez.