Lackland AFB says it has located the bat colony in a dormitory that forced the inoculation of basic trainees against rabies.

Lackland spokesman Brent Boller says the small colony is nested in an exterior wall of a large brick dorm building.

He says the colony has 500 to 600 Mexican free-tail bats.

Earlier this month basic trainees in that building spotted free-tail bats.

Boller says those bats likely got in through windows left open at night during warm weather.

The base has since ordered all windows remain closed, and ordered a night watch to check for bats.

He says no trainees reported being bitten or scratched by a bat, but it is possible bats could bite at night and go undetected.

So Lackland ordered 205 basic trainees undergo a series of 5 rabies prevention inoculations over a two-week period.

Those treatments began last week.

Lackland says it is now working with a bat control contractor to closed off areas of the affected building from bats.

The work should be completed in February.