The Lanier Voks and Edison Golden Bears will do battle on the football field while students are battling in the classroom.

It is the fifth year for the rocket science class at Lanier.

“It’s not everyday someone in high school gets to learn rocket science," said Joe Quinteroa, a Lanier senior.

The class starts learning to build first-generation rockets, then build up to a rocket that will be designed to carry a one-pound payload and travel a thousand feet straight up.

“I thought about doing it as a kid. I used to watch a lot of Star Wars,” said Raymen Chaca, a Lanier junior.

Pre-AP and AP students take advantage of the AVID program at Edison. The program is designed to help them learn critical thinking, study skills and help them reach their full potential for college.

“It’s going to help me get organized be prepared for all my classes,” said Jordan Lopez, an Edison freshman.

Part of the program includes tutorial sessions. They are different than a usual because fellow students are the ones tutoring. 

They help a fellow student who has a "point of confusion" work through the problem by asking questions.

“You always ask questions so they can lead you to the answer," said Jovanna Vargas-Savala, an Edison sophomore.