CIBOLO, Texas -

Attorneys have now gotten involved in the ongoing battle to keep Walmart from building a new store in Cibolo.

Frank Burney, a lawyer representing residents opposed to the store, asked the Cibolo City Council to impose a 120-day moratorium on all matters related to the project.

The land at the center of the ongoing debate has a C-3 classification and is zoned for commercial use. However, Burney argues that a 180,000-square-foot super center is too big for a C-3 classified site.  

Burney argues that according to the city's unified development code, C-3 zoning is designed to make the most efficient use of existing infrastructure.

Walmart plans to widen the road in front of the store to accommodate the increase in traffic.

Furthermore, the development of C-3 properties should "strengthen neighborhoods and provide community balance."

Residents claim the Walmart will bring down the value of their homes. Burney argued that zoning laws are subject to strict construction and the C-3 classification must be construed to restrict a project not extended to permit one.  

"Everyone of those people bought their homes based on the fact that they would potentially have C-3 type uses next to them. That's just not a C-3 use, this is a C-4 use that ought to be on a major thoroughfare, and not located next door where their kids are crossing the school everyday," Burney said. 

The Cibolo City Council will meet in an executive session Tuesday to discuss the moratorium request.

Afterwards, the council will be presented with four recall petitions filed earlier this month.