As a cybersecurity professional, Leticia Ozuna said she knows how secrets are kept.

The former District 3 City Councilmember said she disagrees with Elisa Chan's contention her privacy was violated in a secretly recorded meeting by one of her staff.

"This is not a First Amendment issue," Ozuna said. "When you are in public office, you have no expectation of privacy, period."

Ozuna said once the recording was made, the conversation about a proposed nondiscrimination ordinance, was no longer private.

In addition to Chan's voicing opposition to gay couples adopting and other related matters, part of what was said by Chan's District 9 City Council staff was a revelation to her.

Ozuna (pictured at right) said her husband and the father of their two children is now a transgendered woman (pictured at left.)

"I think the councilwoman needs to go to sensitivity training," Ozuna said.

She also said prejudice has poisoned relations in the city and beyond, including Chan's political future.

"The councilwoman is scrambling for her political life," Ozuna said.

Regardless of the controversy, Chan said she is confident the ordinance will be adopted next week.

WEB EXTRA: Leticia Ozuna interview

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