Former District 3 City Councilwoman Leticia Ozuna released the following statement to address remarks made about her family by Councilwoman Elisa Chan:

"On behalf of my family I am speaking out in response to CW Elisa Chan's secret recording. When this story was first made public, as a former politician (Leticia Ozuna , City Councilwoman District 3, 2012-2013) I empathetically considered what CW Chan must be experiencing after her staff's betrayal gained so much national attention. I know first hand, that scrutiny is very painful. In an effort to understand the dimensions of the news story, I did listen to the recording in it's entirety. I am terribly saddened to learn that me and my family were used as subjects of ridicule and criticism by Elisa Chan and her staff. No words can adequately express both the anger and sadness our family feels as we deal with this disclosure. She has unequivocally disrespected all LBGTQ families, including mine.

"Our family decided that making a public statement was the only way to overcome intolerance and prejudice. During our discussion about how best to understand the situation, our middle school daughter referenced Pope Francis' statement, "....who am I to judge?" In that spirit, we are speaking up today because we have been the subject of demeaning, disrespectful remarks made by a public official who has the power to make decisions regarding quality of life. Much has been said about the recording and the rights of the people whose voices are on the tape. I am coming forth because I want people to understand that this recording is a document of the poisonous effects of prejudice, allowing gossip and nonsense facts to prevail rather than discussing the issues of discrimination at the center of policy debates. The recording also amplified CW Chan's intentions to reinforce gross and inaccurate information against LBGTQ constituents for personal and political gain.

"We wholeheartedly believe that the public trust has been compromised. I believe that Elisa Chan should no longer remain in a position of making prejudiced, ill-informed decisions that could cause irreparable harm to the good people of San Antonio.

"Our family will recover. We will pray for Elisa Chan and her family, may they learn tolerance and respect for all people."