LIVE OAK, Texas -

The Live Oak Police Department is one of only two local agencies who have implemented use of the My Police Department smartphone application.

The service, which was launched one year ago, has proven to be an important tool for officers, who say they have seen crime go down since its launch.

“We as a department felt we have to be more connected with the citizens,” Sgt. Kent Iglesias, with the Live Oak Police Department, said. “It helped deter a lot of high visibility activity, like high traffic activity during the early part of the morning, like 2 or 3 in the morning.”

Iglesias says the app enables Live Oak residents to interact with officers and report concerns or crime in their neighborhoods.

“From tall grass to stray dogs to suspicious activity in their neighborhood, high traffic complaints, hazardous, abandoned vehicles,” Iglesias said.

The app is free and available for any smartphone device.

Locally the app is also used by the Cibolo Police Department.

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