It is not official yet, but all indications are that Sen. Wendy Davis will enter the race for Texas Governor.

On Thursday, the Ft. Worth democrat tweeted, “A week from today, I'm announcing something big. Can you chip in now to show the strength of our grassroots network?”

Multiple media outlets also reported that sources close to Davis said she would run for governor.

“We've begun preparations to help her win,” said Bexar County Democratic Party Chairman Manuel Medina. “People are hearing she's running, they’re excited about that and they're ready to go to work for Wendy Davis at the grassroots level.”

Officials with the Republican Party of Bexar County said their candidates will be ready to take on Davis if she becomes the democratic candidate.

“We’ll be ready for her,” said Chairman Robert Stovall. “We’re gearing up here in Bexar County. We've got a good slate of candidates lined up.”

Medina said local Democrats have been waiting for this announcement since Davis’ 11-hour filibuster of the state’s controversial abortion bill.

As the rumors around a potential Davis run swirled, Medina said his list of local Democratic contributors grew.

“Just a few months ago we had 15 contributors to the party. We now have 516.”

Medina said grassroots support for Davis’ candidacy will be large, but Patty Gibbons, Precinct 3 committeewoman for the Republican Party of Bexar County, said Republicans will do all they can to get out the vote for their candidate whether it’s Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott or Tom Pauken.

We've got our army that we're building of volunteers, a talented pool of volunteers, that are going to get behind our candidates in a very strong way,” Gibbons said.