The entrepreneurial spirit of two local mothers has resulted San Antonio’s newest business venture, one that hopes to cash in on the city’s sweet tooth.

Cookie Cab delivers warm cookies directly to customers, an idea its founders said is as novel as it is delicious.

“There's not another business like this in San Antonio and it works,” said co-owner and operator Molly Rodenburg. “They're served warm and you can't do that with all other types of delivery services.”

Rodenburg came up with the idea of a cookie-delivery company several years ago, but it wasn’t until she had dinner with her friend Lauren Pepping that the two decided to join forces.

After they each gave birth to their most recent children Cookie Cab was born.

“We both like to bake and we both always wanted to start our own business, so it was perfect,” Pepping said. “Where other places you might spend $75 (or) $100 to get a gift delivered to someone, we're $12 a dozen, so it's a lot more affordable for people and, in my opinion, more delicious."

Customers can call in or place their orders online. 

Pepping and Rodenburg do all the baking and delivery themselves.

“It's a pretty simple concept, but one that everyone loves,” Pepping said.

Cookie Cab currently delivers on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but the pair hopes to deliver five days a week.

In just 10 days of being open, Pepping said business is booming.

“We're busy. Word spread quick and its good problem to have,” she said.

The pair hopes they’ll be busy enough to hire a few employees.

They know that for future success, the proof will be in the cookie.

“There's nothing better than when you can turn a hobby into your business because you enjoy it and it's something you like to do,” Rodenburg said. “And if you can make money doing it, what's better than that?”

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