The local tech industry is still buzzing from Wednesday’s announcement that San Antonio is a candidate to receive Google Fiber.

“We thinks it’s awesome,” said Codeup CEO Michael Girdley. "It's validation for the things that are happening here in San Antonio."

Girdley’s company is located at Geekdom, a collaborative workspace where entrepreneurs in the technology field help each other build their businesses.

He said techies there were giddy at the thought of super-fast Internet connectivity coming to San Antonio.

“We have 40-45 startups here at Geekdom,” Girdley said. “Startups love faster Internet connectivity just like they get from Time Warner and the conventional providers, so if they can get that here, that opens them up to say, ‘Hey, instead of moving to Austin or Houston or someplace like that, how about coming to San Antonio?’”

Google Fiber offers connection speeds that are 100 times faster than basic broadband.

Wednesday’s announcement is not a guarantee that San Antonio will get Google Fiber, but Richard Ortega from the technical assessment company True Ability said the increase in bandwidth could grow the local tech industry exponentially.

“Kansas City was one of the early ones to get Google Fiber. That ended up having a startup renaissance there,” Ortega said. “Here at Geekdom, we’re trying to push more and more startups, more and more entrepreneurs, in San Antonio. So I think it's huge to have that kind of connection.”

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