The final whistle hadn’t even blown before Luis Fernandez and his friends left the Alamodome Monday night. 

The University of Oregon was already up 23–7, so Fernandez decided to call it quits. 

“I thought the offense would have come out better,” Fernandez said. “They ran the ball too much, to me. I think they should have passed a little bit more, but it is what it is.”

"We expected a real good defense, but nothing happened tonight, that's just the way it goes,” said Adam Cantu.

Making the loss even more painful was the fact that it was UT Head Coach Mack Brown’s final game.

Lance Leary applauded the team for their effort, but said it would have been nice to send Brown out on a high note.

“I think it should have been a little bit better, but I feel like Oregon showed up and played a good game,” Leary said.

The University of Oregon had a fair number of fans inside the dome, some of them were even from Texas.

“My parents were Longhorns fans,” said Oregon fan and San Antonio resident Justin Jimenez. “I was kind of disappointed, I kind of felt betrayed you know.”

Jiminez’ father joked that his son’s allegiance to the Ducks would force the family to make him sleep outside.

Terey Sotelo, an Oregon fan, poked fun at his brother, a UT fan, and said the bragging writes in the house are his.

"It felt good [to win] especially [with] my little brother being a Texas fan,” Sotelo said.

While the loss stings, fans said they are more excited about who will be coaching the Longhorns next season.

“I hope Les Miles comes here,” said Fernandez.

“I hope they get someone from the NFL to come down here,” Leary said.

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