New 25 mph speed limit signs started popping up in the residential areas around Woodlawn Lake and a neighborhood off Braun Road and Loop 1604 earlier this month.

It's part of a pilot project aimed at making streets safer.

"This pilot project is going to have more signs to let people to know to slow down in neighborhoods. Also, with additional police enforcement to make sure folks are not speeding, it's going to have a little bit of teeth to it," said Cris Medina, District 7 councilman.

The program is part of the Safer Streets SA initiative.

Many who live around Woodlawn Lake welcome the idea.

"It's fine. I mean, I don't drive that fast," said Gloria Ruiz, a homeowner.

"My other little brothers, they walk around here when they play with the dogs, so it's probably safer for our kids," said area resident Manny Torre.

The speed reduction pilot program will be in place for a year. After that, city leaders will assess the program. If it's successful, they could then expand it to other parts of the city.

"Areas where we're going to have pedestrians and that are close to neighborhoods, that's the focus that we want to look at," said Medina. "We're also working on something that's going to focus on some of the major roadways in San Antonio, like Blanco, Culebra and Bandera roads.   

According to city leaders, studies show the speed reduction will help save lives during vehicle, pedestrian accidents.

At 40 mph, the chance of survival is only 15 percent, but at 25 mph, the survivability rate rises to 90 percent.

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