A large crowd packed the Whataburger parking lot on the 17000 block of Bulverde Road Wednesday to watch MacArthur and Johnson high schools battle it out in a jalapeno eating contest ahead of their football face-off Saturday.

“I knew no one else would want to eat a bunch of jalapenos, so why not?” said Garrett Duncan, a pepper-eating competitor and senior at Johnson.

"I don’t even know what I’m thinking,” said fellow Johnson senior, Mac Hall. “Just go out there and eat fast.”

Whataburger would award $1,000 to the school that collectively ate the most. Each team was made up of three members.

"Try and scarf as many down as I can,” said MacArthur eater, Brandon Colorado.

"I don’t know what I’m thinking about,” said Brahma teammate, ‘Big Mike’ Sanchez. “I’m just sort of in the zone right now.”

"One bite per jalapeno” was Hall’s game plan.

"I’m more nervous about tomorrow and Friday. I’m looking for two days of workman's comp NEISD, two days of workman's comp,” joked Mac principal, Dennis Rudnick.

The official pepper count was Mac-17, Johnson-15.

Whataburger also gave $500 to the team with the most fans present. MacArthur won that as well.

But the Jaguars didn’t go home empty handed. Whataburger will provide one round of free food to the Johnson football team and cheerleading squad.