The city of San Antonio is making history with the beginning of construction on their Hausman Road project.

The project is part of the 2012-2017 bond program.  The cost will be $43 million, with an additional $15 million coming from the country.

The project is physically the single longest the city has undertaken, covering 3.4 miles of Hausman Road from Loop 1604 to Interstate 10.

For residents, it is long overdue.

“This place is a parking lot in the morning when we have to go to work. It literally takes 15-20 minutes just to pass by here," said Dillon Baldwinder, an area resident.

“We are experiencing massive growth in the area and, of course, Hausman is a major roadway for a lot of commuters in this area,” said Ron Nirenberg, District 8 councilman.

The road will be expanded to four lanes and turning lanes. There will be hiking and biking trails and a couple of new building methods used.

The road will be built to drain rainwater to the center, instead of towards the curb and down storage drains.

“When it rains, the water will run to the middle of the road, where we have a grassy median that will filter this water,” said Mike Frisbie, city engineer and director of Capital Improvements Management Services.

The median will also contain certain soils and rocks to assist in the filtration.

“This is the first time for this. We are doing some before and after studies to see how effective it is,” Firsbie said.

The project will also remove five low-water crossings.

Construction will begin at Hausman and 1604 and it will be done in five segments. This involves a new concept for the city: combining the design and construction companies into one team.

“We need one big team to get this done right,” Frisbie said.

If all goes right, it should take about two years to complete the project.

“It’s worth it," Baldwinder said.

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