A 28-year-old man admitted to Bexar County sheriff’s investigators that he was part of a stolen check ring operating in the area and mainly targeting people who left checks in their outgoing mail, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

George Deleon is charged with engaging in organized criminal activity. The affidavit specifically refers to an 88-year-old mentally impaired woman as the victim in the case.

However, it also mentions that the group targeted many other people. The affidavit stated that Deleon admitted he stole checks the woman had placed in her outgoing mail from her mailbox.

The affidavit stated he told investigators other people in the alleged crime ring would then “wash” --or chemically erase information from the checks—make them out to him and themselves, and cash the checks.

Detectives said they found evidence showing several of the stolen checks had been deposited into Deleon’s bank account, the affidavit stated.

Although the affidavit names others in the alleged ring, it does not mention whether any of them have been arrested yet.

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