San Antonio police detective with the property crimes division, along with ROPE -- Repeat Offenders Program -- officers, arrested Mark Anthony Galvan, 56, Thursday morning.

Galvan was the subject of several felony warrants, including burglary of habitation.

"It certainly makes us happy to be able to put this guy behind bars and get some of this property back in the hands of the rightful owners," said San Antonio police Sgt. Javier Salazar.

Among the items detectives found were several big, flat-screen TVs, computers, a spoon collection, and a robotic vacuum cleaner.

"It appears he was just basically stealing anything that wasn't nailed down in any residences he was going into," Salazar said.

There were some 127 items taken from Galvan's house.

Including individual pieces of jewelry, the sum total of what police said he stole could add up to $50,000.