A 76-year-old man is charged with theft in a case that San Antonio police said began with the sale of season tickets to the Spurs games.

Russell March, who is a senior citizen himself, is facing a charge of theft from the elderly.

An arrest warrant affidavit stated that he failed to pay a 71-year-old man for the tickets, and then borrowed tens of thousands of dollars in cash from him without paying back the loans.

The victim told police he met March in 2008 after he placed an ad in a newspaper in an attempt to sell his season tickets.

He said March gave him a post-dated check for more than $14,000 as payment for half the tickets, the affidavit stated.

Soon after, March returned and asked the victim for $2,700 to help him “move some money from overseas into the United States,” the affidavit stated.

He said, over time, March continued to borrow money with the promise of paying it back, the affidavit stated.

In the end, the victim said he was owed about $98,000. The affidavit stated that detectives investigated and also learned that the initial $14,000 check which March presented to the victim was written on a closed account.

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