A man was gunned down at a Northwest San Antonio apartment complex after a robbery was reported at a corner store early Thursday morning.

San Antonio police identified John Andrew Bermea, 20, whom friends called "Andy," as the man killed during the robbery.

Police responded to the robbery just after midnight at a Corner Store in the 10400 block of Huebner Road.

Two suspects held up the clerk at gunpoint and fled to the nearby Chisolm Place Apartments with an unknown amount of money, police said.

"My friends were screaming at the top of their lungs that the place was getting robbed," said Rosemary Garcia, who was with Bermea outside her apartment during the robbery.

She said when Bermea heard his aunt screaming, then saw the robbers trying to get away, he ran after them.

She didn't see what happened next, but several other witnesses heard a fight, then a gunshot.

They then found Bermea lying in a breezeway with blood coming from his chest.

One neighbor tried to comfort him in his last moments as police started searching for robbery suspects, unaware that there had also been a shooting.

"They pulled her away from him, the boy that was shot, and told us all, 'Get in your doors. Get inside. Don't worry about it,'" said Joseph Asher.

"The officer actually sat there and forced us to sit there and watch him die and did not check for vitals, did not attempt to help him at all. Just watched him die, and then rolled him over like a dirty rug," said another neighbor.

According to the police report, officers did check for a pulse before attempting to separate witnesses. Police said it is common practice to make people leave a victim if they are not performing life-saving measures, so officers can start securing the scene.

Officers tracked down the robbery suspects at the complex and took them into custody. Another man believed to be the driver was also taken into custody.

As of noon on Thursday, their names had not been released.

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