Multiple DWI offender guilty of fiancee's murder

Donald Huff, 54, had BAC of 0.17 hours after motorcycle crash

Author: Stephanie Serna, Reporter,
Published On: Jun 26 2013 04:25:14 PM CDT   Updated On: Jun 27 2013 02:03:25 AM CDT

A man is now guilty of murder after his fiancée was killed in an accident when their motorcycle crashed.

On Wednesday afternoon, a jury came down with the guilty verdict for Donald Huff, 54.

The accident happened in August of 2009 when Huff and his fiancée, Arlene Harding-Watts, crashed on the 1100 block of Nacogdoches.

Harding-Watts was killed in that accident.

Earlier on Wednesday, both sides presented closing arguments.

The state said that Huff was not only more than two times the legal limit after the crash -- a toxicology report shows Huff's blood alcohol content was at 0.17 three and a half hours after the crash -- but that he also told the officer on the scene that "he was driving" and that he "just lost control."

The defense stated that Huff was not driving that night and recounted a witness statement from earlier testimony, when a store clerk stated he had seen Harding-Watts driving the motorcycle on several occasions.

A paramedic testified on Tuesday that when responding to the crash, he saw Huff trying to put his fiancée back on the motorcycle.

But the defense stated during closing arguments that the paramedic may have seen something else, which was Huff trying to lift the motorcycle off of his fiancée.

Huff would have faced up to 20 years for intoxication manslaughter had he not been a repeat offender. Prior to this crash, Huff has had two other DWIs.

Huff's sentencing is set for July 31.

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