A former insurance agent, who was convicted and sent to prison in 2005 for the burglary of over 100 vehicles, and 30 to 40 San Antonio homes, was arrested in Leon Valley on Monday, on suspicion of similar crimes.

William Conger Robinson, 62, went to prison for six years in 2005 after San Antonio police linked him to hundreds of thousands of dollars in stolen property.

Dubbed the "Spectrum Burglar," Robinson was known for targeting local gyms and fitness centers around the city.

“From the 2005 case that I investigated, I put the thefts at well over at least $200,000, and there was probably much more,” said Eddie Gonzales, KSAT crime analyst and former San Antonio Police Department officer, who worked the case nine years ago.

“We started finding all the purses, all the pocketbooks. We found driver's licenses, checkbooks, credit cards, types of handheld computers, laptops, anything that would basically come out of a vehicle during a burglary, and that led us to more searching of the house.”

Gonzales said a search of Robinson’s Fair Oaks Ranch home yielded numerous stolen items from other home burglaries, including dozens of firearms, resulting in federal charges.

After serving a six-year prison term, Robinson moved to Colorado, where he allegedly started his crimes all over again.

“They were able to make a case off some evidence that was collected at a crime scene, and they were able to track him back to San Antonio,” Gonzales said.

Acting on a warrant from Grant County in Colorado, Leon Valley police arrested Robinson at his son’s home on Monday.

According to Gonzales, Robinson is also suspected in several recent burglaries in the Dominion and Crown Ridge subdivisions.

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