A man behind the wheel of a pickup turns a Northwest Side restaurant into a drive-through after he lost control and slammed his truck right through the front of the building.

It happened just before 2 a.m. on Wednesday at the Tink-A-Tako  in the 3200 block of Wurzbach.

Ramon Diaz, manager at Tink-A-Tako said they had to temporarily close their restaurant and turn people away after the impact shattered the glass and wrecked several booths.

"Everybody is coming in and out," said Diaz. "You can see the cars going in and out right now. They are trying to get their tacos this morning."

Police said the driver of a Ford pickup truck was speeding through the parking lot when he attempted to make a U-turn between the aisles.

However, looking at the skid marks, police said the momentum was too much, causing the driver to lose control, jump a curb, plow through some bushes and crash through the front of the restaurant.

"It just came so fast and furious," said Diaz. "You can see the damage. How he jumped the part of the sidewalk and everything with pretty good force, you know."

The accident caused a lot of damage, but Diaz said they are just glad no one was hurt.

"Nobody was here and that was a good thing," said Diaz. "Thank God nobody got hurt. Everything was just material things that can be replaced and we want to take care of it pretty quickly. So we can get back in business."

Diaz said they had crews out all day Wednesday, trying to get the  large window back on.

He said they hope to be open again Wednesday night or at the latest, on Thursday morning.

Police said the driver of the truck had attempted to back out and when he got stuck, he just took off.

As of Wednesday, he was still on the run.

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