MARION, Texas -

Teen pregnancy and sexually-transmitted diseases are a growing problem in Marion.

"We just think it's vital that our students know the health issues that come with early sexual contact and involvement so we're just hoping to reach out to our kids," said Marion ISD Superintendent, Edna Kennedy.

School board officials at Marion ISD met to listen, discuss and approve having an outside organization speak to its students.

"We're seeing young kids come into our center from this area as young as 15 for pregnancy tests and sexually-transmitted diseases," said Tim Ball, executive director of the South Texas pregnancy care center.

Next month, the district will host The Silver Ring Thing, which is an organization that promotes abstinence until marriage.

Ball says the school board's approval was huge.

The good thing is if Marion opens us up, I believe it's going to open us up for other district's and the surrounding Guadalupe County," said Ball.

The meeting will be for both high school and middle school students.

Parents can decide to have their student opt out.