VIA Transit officials could decide soon where streetcars will run in San Antonio, but the board is discussing how the Market Street realignment project could affect VIA's plans.

VIA officials met Tuesday evening for their monthly board meeting to discuss, among other items, how the $37 million project could impact potential street car routes on Market and Commerce streets downtown.

The project will create pedestrian walkways in the area as well as bike lanes and new traffic signals. It is expected to be completed by November 2014.

"One of the items we look at is development in that area, future development," said Brian Buchanan, VIA Chief Development Officer. "Where do people live, work and play in that area. Where are they coming and going and trying to get to all that plays into our ridership calculations and where we build the streetcar."

VIA officials hopes to decide on the routes by the end of August and have the cars operational by 2017.

Another public meeting to discuss the streetcars is scheduled for July 30 at 6 p.m. at Temple Beth-El located at 211 Belknap.