Master Sgt. James Davis was awarded the distinguished Flying Cross at Lackland AFB Thursday.

Since 2001, Davis has saved lives as part of the Elite Air Force Rescue Family.

He was going in for a rescue in 2011 in Afghanistan that should have taken 30 minutes.

It ended up nearly taking his life when the enemy attacked mid-rescue.

Davis says he was in his seat when the bullets started flying.

"(I) sat in my seat and put my left hand on my 50 cal. and five rounds ripped through the floor. The first one hit me and the other four missed me by inches," said Davis.

Then Davis had to rescue himself, applying a tourniquet to his wound.

Davis' children and wife were in attendance Thursday to watch him receive the award.

"Knowing what's in his heart, what's on his face ... it was amazing," said Katherine Davis, James' wife.

Davis also received the Purple Heart while recovering from his wounds.

He is now teaching special mission aviation on base.

Davis' wife says that if he were asked to go on a rescue mission again, he certainly would.