An incident at the Battle of Flowers Parade could prompt a change in the laws before next year's Fiesta.

At Friday's parade, San Antonio Police booted the floats, including that of El Rey Feo's, for throwing beads, medals and other souvenir items from the float to the people lining the Broadway Parade route.

"It was probably a little it of an overreaction," said Mayor Julian Castro. "But, then you do have that ordinance there, but it probably needs to be changed for years to come."

Mayor Castro was also in the Battle of Flower's Parade and said he too was throwing medals, unaware of the ordinance.

"I probably threw out like 400 medals during that parade because I never got warned," said Castro. "There's no one that goes and tells us that there is this ordinance in place, probably because it's an ordinance that's been on the books from a while ago that's hardly actually ever enforced."

After this year's incident, the Mayor Castro said the ordinance is something that they will definitely be looking into for next year.

"I don't think many folks were aware that there's an ordinance that you can't actually throw anything from parade floats," he said. "I thought it was a little bit silly, the whole thing overall, but that ordinance is there, so we probably need to look at changing it."

Castro said the ordinance is not widely publicized and when they do take a look at it, they will be looking to make it more specific, so that everybody is on the same page.