Mayor Julian Castro kept his word Saturday as he dyed his hair blond in support of the Lanier basketball team.

The mayor made a deal with the team that he would dye his hair if they made it to the playoffs.

Well, they did. So the mayor showed up to greet the players on Saturday with his new blond hair.

"Well, I don't know if blonds have more fun, but they seem to have more fans," said Castro.

It is a tradition for the Lanier basketball team to go blond if they make the playoffs, but this year a member of the team made a deal with the mayor that if they made it the mayor would join the team in going blonde.

"I think it's big for the school," said Lanier basketball coach Rudy Bernal. "And the kids at the school, not just the athletes, but the kids to know, 'Hey, he said something. He's going to keep his word.'"

Louis Garza, a Lanier High School basketball player, said he was happy to have the mayor's support.

"We're very appreciative of it," said Garza. "We like what he's doing, giving back to his community and everything. That means a lot."

"What I hope that young people in our city will take from this is first, if you make a promise always keep your word," said Castro. "And, secondly, they should know that we are very proud of their success and they have the whole community in San Antonio that's cheering them on, wants them to succeed and supports them."

When asked what his wife thought of his hair, Castro said she is a fan of his darker hair.

"Erica was fine with it," Castro said. "She said it looked OK, but I think she prefers me to go back to my regular color, though."

And as far as the mayor's twin brother, U.S. congressman Joaquin Castro, he tweeted out on Saturday, "Now I know what I'd look like as a blond."

The mayor said although he's received a lot of positive feedback about his hair, he will be going back to his true darker color on Monday morning after the pep rally.

The Lanier basketball team's playoff game is scheduled for Tuesday.