A couple in their 20s from Monterrey, Mexico, is in custody in McAllen facing fraud charges that McAllen police said could be linked to the massive security breach at Target stores during the holidays.

Chief Victor Rodriguez said 28-year-old Daniel Guardiola Dominguez and 27-year-old Mary Carmen Garcia were arrested Sunday at the Anzalduas International Bridge as they entered the U.S.

He said his investigators had enough information about their alleged activities that they already had warrants for the couple’s arrest.

Rodriguez said the suspects also were found with an array of fraudulent credit cards, and much of the personal information stolen from Target stores and close to 100 million of their customers.

“Every day that goes by we think that the Target data may be devaluating so there would more pressure to capitalize on them sooner than later,” Rodriguez said.

The giant retailer’s computer system was hacked last month. The security breach led to names, credit card information and phone numbers being compromised.

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