Megan Baldonado's ex-fiance tried to convince her to join him in a suicide pact in the summer of 2011. She refused.

Two days later, the 23-year-old woman was seriously burned in an explosion in the garage of her apartment.

Her ex-fiance, Lee Griego, is on trial for setting Baldonado on fire.

"It (fire) just surrounded me," Baldonado testified during the punishment phase of Griego's trial on Thursday. "There was no way I could do anything to get away from it."

Baldonado said that Griego had gone into her garage after saying he was depressed.

"He said that he was done with life," Baldonado testified.

Baldonado said that when she went to check on Griego later, she saw gasoline-soaked rags in the garage and Griego with a lighter in his hand.

Second later, Griego flicked the lighter.

"With the blast, it kind of blew me back," Baldonado told the jury. "I did two backward volleyball rolls and was up in a sprint and ran out the door."

Baldonado said she asked Griego why he'd set the fire.

"He replied that it was part of the plan," Baldonado said Griego told her.

A plan, Baldonado quickly added, that she never agreed to.

Baldonado was burned over 65 percent of her body and spent 48 days in the hospital, where she received two skin grafts and hours of painful treatment.

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