Leanne McCain and her four children were wrapping up a four week move from their home in North Pole, AK to San Antonio when their SUV was broken into Saturday evening in the parking lot of Kohl’s near Loop 1604 and Gold Canyon.

“The key hole was broken into and I noticed that the car looked like it had a lot more space,” McCain said. “It dawned on me that backpacks, my bag, everything was gone from the front seat, and then we started looking all through the back of the car and noticed things were gone.”

The move was supposed to be a fresh start for the family, which chose San Antonio as their new home because of the support the military community offered them after the death of their father, Army Serviceman John McCain.

The thieves broke the car’s lock and stole laptops, iPads, mp3 players, even the kids’ birth certificates.

McCain said those items are replaceable, but the pictures on the laptops are not.

“It makes us feel like we’re losing everything from him. It hurts a lot,” said Breanna McCain.

“When they get older, we’re going to have to tell them stories and we won’t have those pictures to show them,” said Ashlyn.

Also stolen from the car was a locket with a picture of the kids’ father in it.

“How does it feel to just know that you stole something, not just from a regular car, but from a person who lost their dad and who can never get that necklace back,” said Chloe McCain.

Leanne McCain contacted several businesses in the area and surveillance video may be able to help police track down the person responsible. Until the items are recovered, the family will be forced to deal with yet another loss.

“I know crime is everywhere, but our first night?” asked Leanne. “How many more sacrifices do they have to make?”

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