The mystery of the missing Rey Feo parade float has been solved.

The float, which was reported stolen last week, was recovered at a Edgewood Independent School District warehouse.

The $35,000 float was recently donated to the district. Officials said they didn't realize it belonged to someone else until they saw television news reports that it had been reported stolen.

"It was a donation. We thought it was a Goodwill donation, and so the district made arrangements to pick it up," said Edgewood ISD spokesman Roland Martinez. "And then once the district found out that it belonged to someone else, (we) called police."

The fiasco is being blamed on a big misunderstanding.

The float was originally stored at the old Fiesta Auto Center at 6300 Bandera Road. When the property changed hands, the float sat in a bay for months until it was donated by a contractor to Edgewood ISD.

"This float was slated to be sent off for disposal for scrap, so the district stepped in (and) saved the float," Martinez said.

The float, which Martinez said was still in perfect condition, is being returned to the Rey Feo Consejo Foundation.

The float was donated to the Foundation by the late former Fey Feo, Larry Benson, who died last week and was laid to rest Wednesday.

"Mr. Benson was very generous. He had (the float) made special in New Orleans just for Rey Feo and he passed it on to us," said Bill Drain of the Rey Feo Consejo Foundation. "He turned it over to us for future kings. We're glad to have it back in our custody to use it for years and years to come."

Plans are being made to transport the float. Drain said police escorts will probably be required because the float should not be be driven at speeds above 40 mph.

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