The family of 17-year-old Kara Nelms, who was last seen Wednesday and was believed to have traveled -- or taken -- to Mexico, was reported back home on Tuesday morning.

Her father, Kerry Nelms, said on Saturday, "We think that she's probably in Cancun right now," said Kerry Nelms.

He said his youngest daughter was brainwashed by 23-year-old Lazaro Morales from Cancun, Mexico, on the internet.

“He had stuff she really wanted to hear and he knew what to do to coax her to fall in love with him," said Nelms.

The family hired private investigator Charlie Parker.

"I want proof of life, that's mainly what my job is," said Parker.

He said on Saturday he feared Morales manipulated Nelms and possibly changed the look of who he called an innocent girl who's supposed to be a high school senior in the fall.

The last time her father had heard from his daughter was Wednesday. She told her mom she was going to Walmart and never came home. Friday, the family got confirmation that an airplane ticket from Dallas to Cancun was bought for the teenager.

On Tuesday, the family reported that Kara Nelms was back with them, but did not elaborate on her disappearance or return.

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