A company out of Dallas is helping large land owners corral an-age old problem: Stealing.

Cattle rustling and stealing equipment, like from oil fields, is now a little harder thanks to a cell phone.

"I can look and see what's there," said Dr. Stephen Burkhart, an exotic ranch owner.

"With our technology being cellular, it can be installed virtually anywhere," said Noel Gouldin founder of Cellgate. "Being solar powered, we don't have to worry about electricity."

Cameras are placed around the property and at the gate. When someone comes to the gate and pulls up to the key pad, a picture is taken of the person and the vehicle they are in.

Burkhart can call up the pictures and keep tabs, just seconds after they are taken, and keep up with ones trying to get in. He can also keep tabs on his livestock.

While Burkhart is working at his office in San Antonio he can keep up with what happening at his ranch some 130 miles away by using his cell phone, thanks to a company called Cellgate.

"With the Cellgate system I can look and see what's there," Burkhart said.

Another feature while Burkhart is watching his animals, if he wants to keep them in a certain pen, he can actually close the gate with a push of a button on his cell phone or pad.

There is really no limit to where the system can be set up.

"If you want to control something or monitor something and it is difficult to connect with wires, we can do that," said Gouldin.

The owner can also call him his cameras from anywhere in the world. Burkhart was recently on a teaching trip to South Africa and while he was visiting a friend, "he asked me, 'What's going on at your ranch?' Well, let's look and see, pulled it up on my phone in South Africa and we watched what animals were in the pasture."

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