A moment of silence was held before Friday night's playoff game between Canyon and Reagan in memory of Canyon sophomore Logan Davidson, who died from injuries suffered during an incident on campus Tuesday.

The feeling around Heroes stadium was a little less electric than usual for a high school football playoff opener. The Canyon High School community is still dealing with the shock and reality of 15-year-old Logan Davidson's death on campus.

"Everybody thinks about it now," said Jimmy Zibelin, a teammate of Logan's. "I mean, you can't not think about it when you're playing all the time, it's going to go through your head."

Before the game, a small banner hung near the cheerleaders with pictures of Logan. Cheerleaders had painted "#14"s on their cheeks for Logan's football uniform number.

Rather than run through a traditional banner, the Canyon team walked around a banner painted last night with Logan's number, a giant heart and signatures of the entire football team.

"The students have done everything themselves," said Debbie Fendley, who's daughter is on the cheer squad. "They've taken the initiative to do everything that's been done. Last night at the vigil and again today, all the students have done that themselves."

"I think it's helping a little bit around the school," said classmate Lance Lebron. "Seeing all the stuff, like how we painted the town red, put ribbons everywhere. Everyone was wearing a ribbon like this today."

Another 15-year-old student is currently at a juvenile detention center in Guadalupe County on an aggravated assault charge. It's now up to the district attorney's office whether to upgrade the charge.

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