Monster helps address bullying at Wheatley Middle School

New haunted house character meets with students

Published On: Sep 17 2013 04:09:23 PM CDT   Updated On: Sep 17 2013 04:26:18 PM CDT

The 13th Floor Haunted House and City Year San Antonio teamed up to bring the "Don't Be A Monster" campaign to Wheatley Middle School students on Tuesday morning. 

The campaign presentation features a video starring a new haunted house character named Frank Shelley, who plays the part of someone who suffers from bullying in school. 

The video, which was shot in Austin, will be presented at select schools across the nation.

Wheatley Middle School Principal Mary Olison said the program is a fun and educational way to bring attention to bullying. 

"Bullying is serious and it needs to be addressed," she said. "Right now, it's really getting to be very serious in elementary. It is starting in elementary."

Many of the sixth-grade students who attended the first presentation said they've dealt with bullying at some point in their lives.             

Dorian Mendoza, a sixth-grade student, said, "Last year in my school, a boy was bullying my friend and then I stood up for him and he punched me in my nose. Then after a few weeks later, my friend started bullying me."

Joseph Howard, also a sixth-grade student, said, "I get it almost every single day. They say you're fat and all that other stuff."

Experts say campaigns that address the issue at school can make a big difference and a recent surge in bullying awareness is helping bring about change.

"I think it's gotten better because of the exposure that it has gotten nation-wide.and I really think now the schools are doing more to address (the fact that) there are laws now that are in place to help right the bullying," said Olison.

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