It started with Black Friday.

Now shoppers are getting an even earlier start on shopping deals, with more and more stores opening their doors on Thanksgiving Day.

Kohl's department store is the latest to announce that it will be open at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

Macy's, Target, J.C. Penney and Toys R Us are among the other retailers giving shoppers a chance to get a jumpstart on holiday sales.

"Anytime shops are open for shopping, people are out there for sales," said shopper Debbie Johncock.

However, Johncock says she doesn't plan to take part in shopping. Instead, she'll be enjoying family time.

While some people will be waiting for stores to open on Thanksgiving Day, others are outraged at the idea of shopping when they could be spending time with family.

"I think they're crazy. It's just wrong," said Jody Mangler. "Too (much) money-grabbing and (it's just) too commercial."

More stores are opening earlier in order to stay competitive and make money.

However, it comes at a price to employees who now have to work -- instead of spending time with their families.

A Facebook pledge is now making the rounds asking people not to shop on Thanksgiving Day in support of employees who have to work.

People are vowing not to shop on Thanksgiving in support of employees who have to work.

In a press release, Macy's representatives said they gave associates time to review holiday shifts and volunteer for preferred shifts.

Not all retailers give employees an option.

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