It's called Texas Micro, and it's gaining popularity in the Alamo City.  1221 Broadway Lofts shows you what it's all about.  This unit is an empty studio apartment that looks similar to where Christian Reed-Ogba lives with her husband and dog Miller.

"Even though I have less space , it is very, very comfortable, " said Reed-Ogba.

She said the smaller space is perfect for her family.  The other upside -- she saves close to $500 a month thanks to living minutes from work and downtown amenities.

"I love being able to find the little shops and stumbling upon the little bars and things like that, I think it's a great idea to kind of build down here, build it into a community," said Reed-Ogba.

It's this type of lifestyle that area real-estate developer David Adelman wants to provide to more people in the Alamo City.  That's why he plans on building a 100 plus-unit apartment building on the corner of McCullough and Avenue B.

"We're looking to do very small units to try and make the price point reasonable for people who want to move downtown, " said Adelman.

The apartments will all be either studio or one-bedroom apartments, priced at about $2 a square foot.  That’s depending on the size of the unit.

"So our smallest unit will be 380 square feet and will probably be priced $700 a month, including a parking space. If we look at a 450 square-foot unit, it should be priced under a thousand -- about $900 or $950 a month, " said Adelman.

The developer plans on breaking ground and building on these Texas Micro apartments in June, and he hopes to have them move-in ready by next summer 2015.

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