Gina Babineaux found out early Saturday morning that the man police believe to be the driver of the truck that hit and killed her daughter, Tatyana, was arrested.

Isidro Espinosa-Solis, 39, was arrested by United States Customs agents in Laredo late Friday night. Customs agents say he was trying to get back into the United States but failed to present any identification or citizenship documents.

Espinosa-Solis is being held in the Webb County Jail waiting to be transported back to San Antonio, where police say he will be charged with failing to stop and render aid.

Babineaux says the items left at a makeshift memorial for her daughter, Tatyana, all mean a lot to her, but one sticks out.

"Everything is beautiful and it meant a lot, but when I saw this painting that someone did of my beautiful baby, it just meant so much. It was so special," said Babineaux.

She found out Saturday morning that the man police say is responsible for her daughter's death was arrested.

"I'm glad that they got him but it still doesn't change the feeling that I don't have my little one," said Babineaux.

Babineaux says her family has their good moments as well as the bad, but they lean on each other.

Tatyana's family will hold a viewing on Wednesday at Mission Park Funeral Home from 5 to 8 p.m. Tatyana will be laid to rest on Thursday.