The San Antonio Police Department is asking for the public's help with locating a pair of young brothers after Child Protective Services attempted to remove them from their mother's custody on July 11.

Joshua Robert Sanchez, 4, and Jayce Anthony Sanchez, 1, were last seen on July 9 by a Child Protective Services case worker.

"They've been saying she had abandoned her kids for three to six months, that's a lie," said the boys' maternal grandmother Jennifer Reyes. "My daughter has always been with her kids, always. She's taken care of them, they've always been clean, everything."

CPS had installed a safety plan for the boys and their mother, 22-year-old Audrey Guerrero, requiring a CPS-appointed individual, Reyes' cousin, to be present during all interactions with the boys and Guerrero.

"It was found that (Guerrero's cousin) no longer had the children and they went back to the mother," said SAPD spokesperson Officer Roger Zuniga. "This is when CPS went to pick up the children to put them into their custody."

"My cousin had to work and that's why they wanted to take the kids because they said my cousin couldn't watch them 24/7," said Reyes. "They didn't give us a chance for anybody else. Right away, they just wanted to put them in a shelter."

A CPS spokesperson would not go into detail of Guerrero's investigation but said the agency wants to see the children to make sure they are okay. A check Reyes said is not necessary.

"In no way do I think they're in any kind of harm," she said. "I know they're in good hands (as) my daughter loves her kids. She's just doing what a mother would do, protecting her kids."

Reyes said she has been in contact with her daughter over the last few days but her daughter has not said where she and her sons are nor where they are staying.

She said Audrey is in the process of hiring a lawyer to go to court to try to win back custody of her sons.

SAPD has asked anyone who has seen the boys or knows where they are staying to contact their missing persons unit at 210- 207-7660.

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