A motorcyclist who says he was confronted and then run off the road Friday because of his Miami Heat jersey is out of the hospital.

Chad Cazares, 25, said Saturday afternoon that he was just glad to be home.

"I'm very fortunate," said Cazares. "God was watching over me."

Cazares was on his motorcycle on his way home from watching the Spurs-Heat game when he said a driver started harassing him about his jersey.

"I remember driving down the highway," Cazares said. "A car was yelling at me with a Spurs flag."

As Cazares attempted to exit Colorado off of I-10, he said the driver got close to him, causing him to lose control and crash his motorcycle.

"I separated my collarbone," he said. "I broke my shoulder blade. I got a lot of burns, road rash. It's just been a long two days. Good thing I have family."

The accident not only not left Cazares in bad shape, but his favorite LeBron James jersey was ripped to shreds.

On Saturday, his uncle surprised him with a brand new jersey. A KSAT viewer also contacted the station, offering to replace the damaged jersey to let Cazares know that not all Spurs fans are like the person who ran him off the road.

Cazares said he's still a Spurs fan, but he's an even bigger LeBron James fan, following the star player's career since he was with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Still, Cazares never thought rooting for his favorite player would result in something like this.

"I didn't expect it to go that far," said Cazares. "It's just a game, but I'm still here saying, 'Go LeBron go.'"

Cazares said he wants to thank that viewer that offered to buy him a new jersey and that good Samaritan that helped him get to safety early Friday morning.

Despite his injuries, Cazares said he still would love to go to a game here in San Antonio to cheer on his favorite player.

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