CIBILO, Texas -

The ongoing battle to keep Walmart from building a new supercenter in Cibolo continued Sunday.

Members of Move Walmart, a group opposed to the store’s planned location, held a protest just a few feet away from the site slated to become the home of a new 180,000 square-foot facility.

The protest came two days after recall petitions were filed against four Cibolo city council members.

“We are still standing strong. We're still fighting this,” said Tannya Steffen.

Residents are opposed to the store’s proposed location due to its close proximity to an elementary school and church.

“There’s 900 kids from (ages) five to nine that go to school right behind you,” said J.C. Dufrasne, pointing to Wiederstein Elementary. “We all know kids don’t always obey street signs. It’s an unsafe location.”

After several city council meetings and an open house with Walmart representatives on July 18, the group may be fighting a losing battle.

Walmart is close to purchasing the 40-acre property at Borgfeld Road and Cibolo Valley Drive, which is being sold to them by a private seller.

Furthermore, the area is zoned for retail use.

Earlier this month city council members told residents there was nothing it could do to stop the store from being built.

Both the Falcon Ridge and Bentwood Ranch homeowners associations are expected to meet soon to discuss what legal options they may have to keep Walmart from building it’s supercenter.

With their options limited residents are hoping to appeal to the store’s corporate humanity.

“The community will come together and Walmart will recognize that it's not in their best interest to antagonize their potential customers,” Dufrasne said.

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