A partnership between Jubilee and Athlos Academies will bring a new $20 million campus to South W.W. White and Chandler roads.

It will provide San Antonio families the opportunity to enroll in a tuition-free school designed to embrace a healthy body, a prepared mind.

Second-grader Celina Lomas can't wait until next school year. Not only because she'll be in the third grade, but she'll also be in a brand new school building.

This fall, Athlos Leadership Academy San Antonio, a Jubilee Academic Center, will open its doors.

Wednesday morning's groundbreaking was attended by several Jubilee Academic supporters and local officials.

Parents like Jessica Lomas said the new is a wonderful addition to the growing southeast side community.

"She's ecstatic [about] a bigger facility, and just so many more programs she'll be able to have. I love the school," said Lomas.

Athlos Leadership Academy will sit on more than 12 acres, rolling four current schools into one. Superintendent Daniel Amador said it will accommodate first- through 12th-grade students beginning this fall.

"We have a high waiting list for students and parents that want choice in education. We've been in this community since the year 2000," said Amador.

Third-grader Mia Esquivel said learning at Jubilee is made fun and easy by teachers and staff.

"The other teachers at the other school just put stuff in front of me and didn't even tell me what they're about, but here it's more different ," said Esquivel.

By the end of July, the campus should be complete, and it will be ready for students this fall. The 93,000 square-foot campus will feature many cool things, like two libraries, two computer labs and five science classrooms.

For more information on how to enroll your student at Athlos Leadership Academy, go to or give them a call at 1-800-757-6619.