Bexar County may be in "sound fiscal shape" and moving in the right direction economically, but there's one area where Judge Nelson Wolff sees a need for improvement.
"I want to see Bexar County make it's mark in the new sounds of music," Wolff told members of the North Chamber during his annual State of the County address on Friday.
Wolff said he would like to see more music festivals and events held here as he introduced the "Girl in a Coma" band to play for the chamber members.
He suggested the Mission Reach of the San Antonio River as an ideal location.
Wolff said he is encouraged by commitments to the areas transportation needs.
"The county has approved $200 million dollars if advanced transportation funds to leverage another $300 million in federal and state funds to further improve 1604 and 281," Wolff told the gathering.
Wolff also noted that $175 million dollars have been committed to widen and deepen San Pedro Creek.
He praised the county budget office for "finding ways to tighten spending while maintaining service levels and accelerating our capital projects."
Wolff said the region's resilience through the recession has made Bexar County an even more attractive place for companies to relocate or expand.

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